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Order Discovery Program

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1 unit
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1 unit

Complete the GRI survey to uncover how you naturally perform best, learn how to grow your talent. Use your GRI profile to succeed at work and beyond. More than traits, types, or themes: receive clear direction for understanding and improving your performance. Your GRI profile uncovers the course of what you naturally do best.

GRI Discovery Program is a series of webinars or on-site presentations to showcase GRI’s performance-driven system, and answer questions during group presentations. GRI discovery program and the resulting learning experience change the way people look at themselves and others, and how their environment can energize and engage them.

You learn how to take ownership of your personal talents and strengths to appreciate your individuality and the valuable contributions you offer. This knowledge helps you focus on specific goals to achieve greater personal and professional success.

Over the course of the presentation, you will gain a deeper understanding of your GRI profile and new insights into the unique way you perform and succeed. The GRI expert will provide specific strategies for developing your talents and using them to accomplish what matters most to you.